DCaaS - The new SaaS Buzzword!


Once upon a time an MIT graduate (Let’s call him Mike) created his own SaaS Company and aspent a lot of time and money developing a product. Finally, the day came to bring his product to market. We’re talking about a very smart guy here with a top notch degree at a well respected University! However, something weird happened. His target customers didn’t appreciate the features that him and his team had been working so hard and with so much passion on. Needless to say, the product flopped. So now you’re probably thinking: “Haha what a load of baloney! Not a true story and even if it were, the guy should have followed the MVP (minimum viable product) model” (which is a different discussion for another time) OR “He should have hired better people! He’s not very smart at all!”. All valid points by the way, but, this is a reality many companies face at various stages of their development cycle and yes, it CAN happen to you. No matter how smart you are. 

What we’re trying to say here, is that Mike could have taken advantage of the DCaaS model and hired part of his development team off-site and saved himself and his company a lot of time and money. Don’t get us wrong here, the product could have still flopped. The main difference is, the mistake wouldn’t have cost him so much.

Just to clarify, we are NOT saying that the DCaaS model is THE way and much less the ONLY way. We’re simply stating that it can be a very good option if you are looking to keep your budget in tact while scaling.

“That sounds a lot like Outsourcing! Thanks a lot for wasting my time!”

Cmon..We wouldn’t waste your time like that!  We’re pioneering a new buzzword here! 

DCaaS is NOT Outsourcing. It has some key differences!

DCaaS takes all the good stuff from Outsourcing and subtracts negatives such as:

– Lack of Control (Outsourcing Companies control the outcome)

– Lack of Transparency (no direct access to employees)

– Possible Miscommunication (you always have to go through a middleman)

– Lack of Staff Personalisation (you get what the company has available)

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