Most frequently asked questions

We Host Employees in Portugal and in India at the moment. We have top of the line facilities which mimic the North American start-up culture. Churn is low and employee satisfaction high. 

At Talenthut we have a team of account managers who come from North America and are a part of the recruiting process to ensure that every hire can communicate in clear English.

Someone is always available to take your calls or answer your requests in real-time from Mon-Fri 24h/day. Go to sleep knowing that when you wake up the work is done by your off-site team.

All hires work with your in-house communication tools. Business carries on as usual and communication is open. We also give you access to WorkSnaps which gives you real-time access to your development team’s work.

We personalise the hiring process by not only using traditional recruiting methods, but also by targeting candidates who are not actively looking and who would make a move if the right opportunity came along. The main difference is, you always pay the same fee with us, no matter the hire (and yes, you always save $ with us). Stay away from the pesky 10%-25% of your hire’s annual salary in recruiting fees!

All companies have a list of backlogged items that sometimes take too long to get some attention (3rd party web services, dashboards, reporting systems, etc).  Their in-house recruiters become overwhelmed with work (concentrating on key hires and candidates that can take care of their backlog). This leads to their backlog items piling up. One of Talenthut’s many uses, is to recruit and extend your team to an off-site location which takes care of backlogged items and frees up your recruiters to concentrate on key hires once again.

As many as you want! Start with one or many, see how it goes and after seeing results, ​expand in a healthy/sustainable way!

• Linux – CentOS and Ubuntu, Bash
• PHP 5.6+ & PHP 7+
• Hadoop, Spark, Nagios, Docker, Talend
• ElasticSearch
• Memcache
• Git- GitLab and Gitlab CI for automated deployments
• AWS – EC2, ELB, S3, SQS, Route53
• PHP, CSS, HTML5, Siberian, WordPress
• C#, Ruby, Python, .NET
• NoSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB
• Cloudformation/Terraform
• JSON, XML, WordPress
• REACT Native, REACT JS, JavaScript, Angular
• Agile, Scrum
• JQuery, Objective-C, Swift, Java

So, let’s say you hire one or more people with Talenthut. At the end of the project, if you want some or all members of the team to move on-site and become full-time employees at your main office, we take care of that process for you seamlessly.