DCaaS (Development Centres as a Service)

We Recruit

We perform a personalised recruitment process to find the talent you need for your team/project.

We Host

We host the team of 1 or more developers in our development centres in Portugal or India.

You Control the Output

You control the team and project output. It's like having an off-site extension of your existing team.

Step 1

Personalised Recruiting

This is where we hunt for the talent you need and find your perfect match.

Step 2


In this phase we onboard the hired candidate and help him/her feel at home with their new role.

Step 3

Start Project

This is where the new hire starts working with your company remotely.

Step 4


Reiteration occurs when small optimisations are needed. This betters the whole process.

Step 5


In this phase the project is closed and you are left with a few options such as: bringing the talent to your HQ, Firing team, Hiring more team members, etc.

Dedicated Search

Financial Commitment

Greater upfront financial commitment, thereby sharing risk results in a lower cost per hire and enhanced cash flow

Search Optimization

Dedicated search with myopic focus with high percentage of search consultants and potentially other recruiters’ time spent on fulfillment of client need until project completed (fluid, consistency of effort until completed)

First Right of Refusal

Clients are given a right of first refusal on candidates, once a candidate is interviewed, he/she will not be presented to a competing organization until client has determined that there is no interest in pursuing the relationship (within specific time frame)

Replacement Timeframe

Greater role in candidate selection results in a greater accountability should candidate quit or be let go, which results in a longer replacement guarantee time frame

Mutual commitment

Mutual commitment to perform; if client cancels search, then financial commitment is kept, if search consultant fails to perform, then financial commitment is forgiven as performances objectives are woven into agreement

Better Profiling

Candidates, behavioral profiling, compensation surveys, relocation assistance, additional recruiting assistance, competitive analysis, consulting, etc can be incorporated into the search

Contingent Search

No Financial up front Commitment

No up front financial commitment, risk one-sided results in a higher cost per hire with a single payment for services provided

No Warranties

No warranties are made as to the level of effort or lack thereof, usually search effort ends when some candidates are presented and new effort would potentially ensue if candidates presented didn’t produce a hire (start and stop, lack of consistency)

More Competition

Candidates can be presented to any organization looking for a similar person and potential competition for candidate could ensue

Quantity over Quality

Emphasis on generating candidates and less role in selection results in less accountability of search consultant, which results in a nominal, replacement guarantee time frame

No Guarantee

There is no guarantee on either side, the search consultant makes no guarantee of achievement of any performance milestone including fulfillment, as there has been no “consideration” given by client

Some Tools

Some tools and services can be accessed at higher costs; some can not be provided with contingency recruiting