Company targetting

Most recruiting firms focus on finding talent who are actively looking for a change in the market. We've added an extra layer - Targetting candidates who aren't actively looking but if presented with the right opportunity would make a move. We target them from specific companies that compete with our Clients.

Flat fee + 3 month guarantee

Recruiting firms are known to charge a fee anywhere from 10% to 25% of a hire's annual salary. The higher the salary the higher the fee. At Talenthut we charge a flat fee, so that you don't have to worry about seniority or how much you offer a candidate, leaving your budget in tact. Once your new team member starts working, we offer our 3 month guarantee which activates if in the first three months of employment they resign on their own free will, leaving Talenthut to find a substitute for no extra cost.

Worldwide reach

We've recently started offering the possibility of bringing talent from anywhere in the world to work in Portugal. This gives companies a larger candidate pool to pick from and allows Talenthut to recruit for the most technologically demanding roles.